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BookCover4Why do some companies thrive on change? What increases people’s resistance to change? How can change increase competitiveness?

To find the answers to these and other questions we survey 1072 business leaders from 80 countries in 19 industry sectors and analyzing over 6,000 comments. From this survey we detail a practical tool set to help you:

  • Compare yourself with successful companies
  • Assess your organization competitiveness
  • Track and measure change performance
  • Anticipate and minimize employee’s resistance
  • Communicate to engage employees effectively.

What should readers of this book come away with?

  • Questionnaires designed to engage both formal and informal change management and leadership to rate your organization’s performance in terms of measuring change performance, assessing competitive advantage. thriving and surviving through change as well as communicating and implementing change.
  • A process to facilitate leaders in selecting those questions which are most relevant to their change and then reach a consensus on change improvement areas.

What professionals says about the book:
“Anyone leading change needs to have Focusing Change to Win, and its extensive research and practical tools, by their side.” Lawrence Polsky, Managing Partner, PeopleNRG, coauthor Perfect Phrases for Communicating Change and Rapid Retooling.

“Interesting book – I particularly liked the focus on two thought leading areas of measurement and competitive advantage. Helen Campbell, Former Vice President at Change Management Institute

“In short, after scanning the book, I liked the review of what are the barriers to change.You provide some practical ideas to make this process work, including the “leadership presence” and necessity for honesty and transparency at this point. These are great ideas to use for change training programs. I look forward to having time to explore them more.” Marcia Reynolds, PsyD, Master Certified Coach

“I think your book are very consistent with the experiences I have had with major change initiatives in healthcare organizations, including helping to lead a recent affiliation of a hospital with an integrated healthcare system and then leading the merger of a hospice organization into that integrated healthcare system. Communication in various forms and content is the key to creating transparency, trust, lowering stress and resistance.” – David Olson, Director of Strategic Planning at Providence Health Services

“Impressive summary showing a thourough analysis on the why’s change is important. I full agree that the cost of failed change is underestimated” – Michel van Huisstede MBA

“It was interesting to go through your well researched book. I enjoyed the part that dwells more on resistance to change. I think the comfort zone is the major impingement to change. It only takes a disaster for some to realize it is time to change. The summary is very good and can go a long way in educating leaders of bureaucratic organizations.” – Constandious Takura Munakandafa

“Excellent book, really enjoyed reading it. Nice to see change management that recognises that it’s people that change not organisations. Well worth reading” –John F. Chartered Psychologist, Change Management, Leadership and personal development specialist

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