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The Power of Persistent

It’s been said, the type of dream or vision you have in life will determine the kind of challenges you face. Little dream always attract little problem, and big dreams also attract bigger obstacles. But, one of the ways to thrive even in the mix of your obstacles is to be a man or woman of persistence.

Always remember, persistent is not about something you do once. It is not about the timing or delay in reaching in your set goals. Rather, persistent is about finishing the race. It is about completion. It is about standing up where others fall. Rising up where others quit. Although, your visions tells you where you are going but, persistent is what enables you to get there through your tireless pursuit. I wish you best and may you achieve all your set goals.


Maximizing Your Youthful Age

Youthful age are very important moment where you discover who you are and what you are destiny to be. Is a period of preparation, planning and pursuit of your career, talent and dreams.

Is like a farmer whose vision is to harvest many fruits. First, she has to clear the ground, plant the seed, and then expect the tree grow in order to bear fruit.

The question goes like this: What ground are you clearing as regards to your passion in life? What seed are you sowing that’s, the seed of planning, investing your time, energy, and taking adequate steps to ensure that your dreams becomes a reality?

I believe; it is your investment today as a youth that determine your harvest tomorrow. Why must you maximize your youthful age?

• Because you have the strength require to do anything you want now
• You have the ability to take risk despite the oppositions around you
• It helps you paint picture to your future
• It gives you sense of direction, focus and commitment towards the actualization of your desire goals

Therefore, as you maximize your youthful age, may God gives you the grace and strength you need to achieve your dreams.