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Maximizing Your Youthful Age

Youthful age are very important moment where you discover who you are and what you are destiny to be. Is a period of preparation, planning and pursuit of your career, talent and dreams.

Is like a farmer whose vision is to harvest many fruits. First, she has to clear the ground, plant the seed, and then expect the tree grow in order to bear fruit.

The question goes like this: What ground are you clearing as regards to your passion in life? What seed are you sowing that’s, the seed of planning, investing your time, energy, and taking adequate steps to ensure that your dreams becomes a reality?

I believe; it is your investment today as a youth that determine your harvest tomorrow. Why must you maximize your youthful age?

• Because you have the strength require to do anything you want now
• You have the ability to take risk despite the oppositions around you
• It helps you paint picture to your future
• It gives you sense of direction, focus and commitment towards the actualization of your desire goals

Therefore, as you maximize your youthful age, may God gives you the grace and strength you need to achieve your dreams.


Don’t Be Afraid of Failing, Start Taking Small Step

Great inventors, world changers, and men of impact were once like you and I while planning, and thinking how to achieve their dreams. But, what is it that set them apart or distinguishes them from us? They appreciate the need of taking small steps towards their career and passion in life.
Few years ago, when the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos, saw the need of selling or doing business online. It wasn’t popular then but he decided to take small step. And today, Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer.
So, what can you do today towards your career, passion, dream and talent? Don’t be afraid of failing or making mistakes. Most often, it is through mistake that you discover your strength and weakness as well as area to stop doing, start doing and continue doing in order to fulfil your glorious destiny.
“Remember the two benefits of failure. First, if you do fail, you learn what doesn’t work; and second, the failure gives you the opportunity to try a new approach.” Roger Von Oech quotes

Using Small to DO Great

The key foundation to greatness begins with small things,
small plan, small thought & small steps.

Therefore, do not despise the days of small beginning

It is your small beginning today that guarantees your extraordinary result tomorrow.

I believe small steps are far better than big plans without action, and big ideas but full of procrastination.

The benefits of taking small steps

  • It gives you the opportunity to try big things
  • To discover your strength and your weakness
  • To overcome the spirit of procrastination
  • Most of all, it brings you out of your comfort zone and put you into your desire zone

Let’s take a look at Bill Gate – Early Life

He had an early interest in software and began programming computers at the age of thirteen. In 1973, he became a student of Hardvard, where he wrote a version of the programming language BASIC for the MITS Altair microcomputer. Today, what started as a small programming has turn him a global leader and a world changer..

Always remember, it is your small step today that give birth to your great future tomorrow

So, what can you do today regarding that one thing – your passion, your dreams or vision? What steps can you take today in order to get closer to your dreams?