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The Size Of Your Dream

The size of your dream will determine the type of challenges you face. Little dream attract little problems. And the bigger your dreams the bigger the challenges you face. So, all you need is persistent. Persistent to keep stay focus.. and never give up… The reason is that “Persistent people begin their success where others end in failure”


Face Your Challenges

The challenges of life is what prepare a man to his championship.
So, don’t be afraid whenever it comes,
Don’t give up whenever it seem tougher,
Stay strong to finish the fight…
Why? Because you are the next champion…

Treasure yourself

Treasure yourself and appreciate your uniqueness

Treasure your uniqueness because no one is like you

Comparison becomes irrelevant when you discover that you are special…

Treasure your family. Is one thing to change friends but you can’t change your family. Although, there would challenges or misunderstanding; yet there is room for amendment.

Treasure your career. The measurement of every great success is not tie to the type of career you in rather the problems you are solving & the values you adding to humanity.

For example, bus drivers solve the problem of transportation. Bankers help us to transact our money. Chef solves the problem of hunger. Coca cola solves the problem of taste.

Which means, you don’t need to be highly educated to add values. Or to solve problems, just identify what you like and put it into work.

You may ask. How do I get started? My suggestion is, treasure what you are doing now, it could be your talent or business in anticipation to where you intend to be.

Start small, take steps. Don’t be afraid to make mistake. The word mistake means – mistaken your steps. That’s, you plan to do something but somehow it didn’t work out. Don’t give up.

All you need is to retake another step. Think of a better of doing it. Keep trying until you succeed…