Winning By Starting

Winning in life begin by taking step. And every step you take gets you closer to your dreams. So, don’t allow procrastination to take the place of your manifestation. You may never know what you can do until you take step. Always remember as Peter A. Cohen advice “There is no one giant step that does it. It’s a lot of little steps”
I came across this inspiring article “Winning By Starting” written by David Abioye. He wrote:
• Starting the journey is where the power of winning lies.
• No one ever wins unless he starts.
• It will be a day dream to ever think of winning without starting.
• Join the race if you ever desire to win.
• Start if you ever think of finishing
• You necessarily have to be in a body if you want to end as head.
• A major syndrome that plagues the youth is the feeling that ‘there is time’.
• But there is really no time for anything.
• The earlier you start whatever you want to do the greater the opportunity you have to win.
• Wake up to responsibility and start your journey now!


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