Understanding The Season You Are In

Life is about seasonal. Your ability to identify the season you are in gives you the opportunity to know what to do per time, when to do it, and how to go about doing it.

I believe every season whether personal or professional has its own timing. If you miss your time, you have to wait for the next season.

For example, Premier League has its season but any club that fail to prepare for that particular season might miss the triumph, and other benefits attached to it. Also, when a student misses admission process he/she has to wait for the next academic year.
The same apply to our personal life, dream and purpose etc. There is a time for dreaming, preparing, planning, setting goals, and yet another season for taking steps to ensure you accomplish all your desire goals.

• Dreaming stage: It is a discovery stage that’s, seeking to discover your purpose in life. The problem you want to solve. The value you want to add to people’s lives.
• Preparing and planning stage: Once you discovered or defined your purpose, then plan how to accomplish it.
• Setting goals: Break your goals into short and long term. Some can be achieve weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly.
• Take step: Regardless of how much you dreamed or planned, without taking step your dream will turn to a day dream so, take step…

Here’s the question:
• What season are you currently?
• What are you doing about it?
• What is stopping you from doing it?
• And what must you do to ensure you accomplish your set goals?


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