Your Planning

A wise man once said, planning is winning just as breathing is living. And planning is what gives value to purpose; but purpose without planning is dead – Dr. Oyedepo
Planning is about having knowledge of who you are, where you are going, and how to get there.
Planning is the key determining factors towards fulfilling any set goals.
That’s why, you don’t wait for opportunity; you prepare your way to meet opportunities.

Every great champion you see today, are people who understand the value for planning.

The period of your planning are not time wasting rather it enables you to get ready for the task ahead, while developing the skills require to pursue and accomplish your dreams.

I guess, no soldier goes to war without planning. No boxer goes to ring without planning or developing the necessary muscle to fight his/her opponent. The true apply to footballers and other professionals etc.

Why do we need planning?

• Planning helps you to know what to do per time, and how to go about doing it
• It helps you differentiate both your short and long terms goals
• Most of all, it allows you to determine where to invest your resources, time and energy…

Significant areas to ponder:

• How’s your current goals like (for example, as a student maybe achieving academic excellent, working class people, becoming productive staff)?
• Do you have any planning structure to ensure these goals are accomplish?
• If the answer is no, what can you do today?


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