The Power Of Perception

Why is it that the same country we are in – some are gifted others not. Some complain others rejoice. Some prosper others not. Graduating from the same school but different results. The same 24 hrs some become inventors others not. The same relationship/marriage some experience joy while others pain.

Are there any perfect men or perfect woman no? The answer is our perception. How we perceive ourselves or things around determine how far we can fly in life, our mobility, our actions, our thought and ability to create and revolutionalize our world.

Always remember, no man or woman can grow bigger than they think or perceive themselves. Small thinking will always generate small result.
Therefore, change how you perceive yourself- Don’t allow your weakness limit your greatness because you are destiny to be great. – Don’t allow your last semester poor performance limit you from succeeding this term. – Don’t allow your past failure stop you from trying again. Don’t allow misunderstanding affect your relationship either with family or friends.

I believe the word perception is about how we see things and decide our actions. That’s why in the midst of challenges some see opportunity others see road block.

In summary, perception is about how you see yourself inwardly and respond to issues of life outwardly. So, look inwardly – bring out those great treasures in you, activate those gifts in you, see the beauty in you, walk virtuously, think great, imagine great and see yourself becoming a great man and great woman you always wish to be.


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