Leadership Qualities: What Makes A Good Leader

The qualities of a good leader vary from one person or company to another. Here are the eight qualities of a good leader that can enable you to improve your leadership skills.

1. They are Visionary
A good leader has the ability to see the overall vision of an organization and provides all the necessary tools and resources to get all the teams there. Fay wrote “Leaders have the vision to set a direction and persuasive skills to get people to buy into vision and work together to implement it”

2. They are good listener
Listening is one of the best qualities of a good leader because; through listening a leader is able to understand what matters to his customers and employees. I read this quote from William McCarey, he said “A good leader listen to customers then improves the end product. He listens to his boss then organizes the project to meet the goal”.

3. They lead by example
Good leaders lead by setting examples, so that others can follow. They knew that people believe more of their actions and practices rather than their words.

4. They pay attention to the details
A great leader does not make quick decision without first, paying necessary attention to understand why problem occur in their organization. In most cases, they spend time trying to identify the cause of the problem rather than the solution.

5. They are not afraid of confrontation
Kiran Mavatoor wrote, “A leader is one who stands infront at the time of difficulty and stands behind encouraging at the time of success”. I agree with Kiran because, this attribute is what makes every effective leader to be different from other leaders and to standout from the crowd.

6. They appear confidently
Every good leader always appears confident both as a person and in their leadership role. By so doing, you inspire confidence in your teams to do their work effectively.

7. They enable others to act
Good leaders give their employees an opportunity to exercise their creativity. A very good example is that of Walt Disney. Few years ago, he understood the importance of letting his staffs to act on their own, especially for the benefits of overall project. Thus, allowing your employees to exercise their creativity will not only improve their overall work performance but; it will also create room for them to try new things.

8. They are people of integrity, trust and credibility
They understood the importance of this trait so, they protect and preserve it. Jim Graham wrote, “In difficult time, people find it hard to follow anyone who hasn’t consistently demonstrated these traits such as credibility, trust and integrity”.


3 responses to this post.

  1. outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish……


  2. Posted by Allan Hovis on June 6, 2012 at 9:28 am

    Great leaders try to do whatever it takes to reach the company’s goals, they are good listeners, responsible for everything inside their teams, know how to communicate with others plus many other skills.
    I’ve learned these at a Toronto leadership training seminar, which was 2 months ago.


  3. Many thanks for the feedback, very inspiring..


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