Resilient Leader

The definition – Resiliency is “the capacity of individuals, organizations and nations to survive and thrive amidst ongoing change, disruption and adversity.”

While for organizations, resiliency is the ability to anticipate and respond positively to disruptions such as reorganizations, mergers and other departures from the routine. Instead of losing momentum and focus, resilient organizations are prepared to bounce back quickly and stay on track. – Global Resiliency Network

Being a resilient leader means the ability of a leader not running away, bouncing back or giving up when the challenges get harder.

Different between Resilient Leaders and Ordinary Leaders

  • Resilient leaders see’s problem as an opportunity to exercise their creativity. They also see opportunities during economic recession and tough times. Even when others are quitting they rise up to take the lead.
  • Ordinary leaders usually hope to see things happen rather than making it happen. They easily accept defeat or failure rather than attempting to solve the problems facing their organization.
  • Resilient leader stays focus and calm because of the gain. Even when the problems get tougher, they always stay consistent and increase profitability.
  • Ordinary leaders give up so easily. This is because they have not developed the capacity requires to stay focus during the difficult time.
  • Resilient leader see’s challenges as a stepping stone towards accomplishing their ambition.

Characteristics of Resilient Leaders

  • They are very energetic people: Regardless of the problems they encounter most of the times yet they remain cheerful.
  • Stay flexible: They always seek for solution in every problem rather than complaining or looking for someone to blame.
  • Socially connected: They have strong interpersonal skills. Such as the ability to offer encouragement that enables their employees to overcome stress in the face of adversity.

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  1. Posted by Tim Parker on December 2, 2010 at 5:30 pm

    I agree with the thought process on being resilient leader. Some fail to stick to their beliefs and values. Being resilient is great as long as the chosen leadership attributes are the right ones. Sometime resiliency gets in the way of learning new things or new ways which can be a danger.

  2. Posted by Matt on December 3, 2010 at 12:31 pm

    …and they are self-motivated.

  3. How is a resilient leaders qualities measured against other resilient leaders? Is it measured from the return of triumph through adversity; or the commitments and follow through in an adverse situation?

    With life’s lessons; Learned wisdoms. Life and the clarity of wisdom from ones’ actions, which relates to a person’s performance in society; as BIOACUITY – Is my contributions to society as a resilient leader focused on the betterments of self, or society?

  4. Resilence is the way 2 go!Its a tough world already…

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