Talent & Skills Not Enough

Hans Helmerich wrote ” Talent , skills and training aren’t enough. They must be teamed together with the inner qualities of integrity and trustworthiness”

I agree with Hans because,  what makes every effective organization to thrive is not just the skills, talent and training which their staffs acquired. But, it is the ability of a manager or leader to create a working environment that embrace teamworks and trustworthiness among their staffs.



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  1. I find the concept of a resilient leader very interesting, personally I think the concept of resilience has to do with an innate quality, typical character features, which may be initially latent, but begins to show in an individual’s character, during the adolescent formative years.

    It develops naturally, but then the onus is on the individual to develop it further as part of his character, and constantly use it to his advantage during negotiations and other business deals, such people are said to have a ‘strong strength of character’, and a typical example is one time Nigerian national football team coach Clemens Westerhoff, unfortunately, Westerhoff is temperamental, and his resilience is always seen from an arrogant perspective. He then fell out with the then NFA.

    So it is one thing to be resilient, it is another to be able to apply it positively, given other innate strengths and weaknesses.


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